Top 5 Ways to Save Energy With Window Treatments

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Most apartments in Charlotte, NC, are constructed with energy-efficient materials that help reduce residents' monthly heating and cooling bills. Did you know you could also save even more money on energy bills by dressing your windows with energy-saving window treatments?

Interior decorators call curtains, drapes, blinds and other window coverings "window treatments." The best, energy-saving window treatments include:


Linen or voile sheers are nearly transparent curtains that filter sunlight but allow just enough light in to avoid using lamps. Sheers let you keep windows open on pleasant, breezy days, or you can close sheer-treated windows and enjoy bright sunshine while staying cool enough without needing to turn on the AC.

Insulating (Solar) Shades

Made from heat/UV-ray resistant materials that also reduce glare, solar window treatments prevent sunlight from making your Charlotte, NC, apartment too hot but allows enough light in so you don't have to turn on lights to see. In addition, closing insulated shades at night during colder months reduces the amount of heat escaping through your windows.

Reflective Shades

Reflective shades are black on one side and white on the other. The black side absorbs heat and the white side reflects heat. For reflective shades to work toward reducing energy bills, you'll have to keep them down most of the time, especially in rooms where the sun shines in during the afternoon hours.

Heavy Drapes

Jacquard or damask drapes not only add character and beauty to apartments but also provide excellent insulation against outside heat and cold. You can find drapes backed with energy-saving foam materials that reduce sunlight and help rooms stay cooler to reduce AC use.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades resemble their name. With air pocket "shells" inserted in the polyester fabric used to make this window treatment, honeycomb shades insulate apartments from cold during winter but reflect hot sunlight in the summer. They are also effective filters of sunlight to maximize light energy efficiency in your apartment.

Now that you know all about window treatments, are you ready to start decorating your new, fabulous Charlotte, NC, apartment? Call Ashford Green Apartments today. Your new home is waiting for you!


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