4 Poolside Games Your Children Will Love

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The heat of summer is here, and what better way to cool down than to do so at the resort-style pool you have in your backyard? At Ashford Green Charlotte, NC, apartments, one of the amenities all residents can enjoy here is the pool at the center of the complex. In fact, if you have kids, this is the ideal place to take them during the hot summer afternoons! Get them off their devices, have them cool off, and keep them engaged with the following fun poolside games:

4 Poolside Games Your Children Will Love

  1. Floatie race. Head down to your local dollar store and stock up on some cheap floaties. Get a mix of items – pool noodles, tubes, inflatable pizza slices, etc. – and then have your kids and their friends have floatie races from one side of the pool to the other. 
  2. Airball. The goal of airball is simple: Keep the ball in the air. You can use a beach ball, inflatable ball or any other type of ball that can be easily tossed. The person who drops the ball goes in the middle;  to get out of the middle, he or she needs to have someone else drop the ball.
  3. Sharks & Minnows. This one needs no props. Simply have one person stand in the middle of the pool and act as the "shark." Everyone else lines up on one end, and, when the shark says "go," they must swim to the other side of the pool past the shark. The shark's aim is to tag as many people as possible. Those tagged are out of the game, while those who made it to the other side without being tagged go another round, and so on until only one minnow and shark are left.
  4. Octopus. This pool game is another good one when you have several kids. Here, kids are tagged like the aforementioned game, but instead of being out, they grab hold of whoever tagged them. And thus the octopus begins with one person and slowly grows into a long human chain.

Questions About the Pool? Don't Hesitate to Contact Our Front Desk Staff!!

If you have any questions about the pool or other amenities at Ashford Green, don't hesitate to contact our front desk! We're always here to help. 

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