Games to Play with Your Furry Friend at the Dog Park

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Dog parks provide a place for your dog to run around and burn off tons of energy. This can help prevent behavioral problems from developing if your dog is usually cooped up in your apartment while you work. When you bring your dog to the dog park, consider playing one or more of the following fun games.


Fetch is a simple game that many dogs love to play. They get to chase and retrieve a ball or toy while also getting plenty of physical activity. Bring a tennis ball or toy to the dog park, and give it a good throw. Your dog will most likely run after it and carry it back to you. Just keep in mind that other dogs at the park might decide to join in. 


Unlike playing fetch with a regular ball, Frisbee offers a slightly more exciting and challenging game for dogs. The design of a Frisbee disc causes it to stay afloat longer, which provides dogs with an opportunity to leap and catch it in the air. Bring a Frisbee disc to the dog park the next time you go, and your dog will have a chance to put her jumping and fetching skills to use.

Tug of War

Tug of war offers a good way for dogs to give their muscles a workout. Just make sure that you’re the one who initiates this game with your dog rather than letting her start it. Otherwise, this game could encourage aggressive behavior. Your dog should also listen to commands to “drop it” when it’s time to stop, and you should stop the game if your dog's mouth or teeth touch your hand at all, even if it’s by accident. 

Games to Avoid

When you go to the dog park, you should avoid playing any games that involve hiding or rewarding your dog with treats. Other dogs are very likely to show just as much interest in the treats as your dog, which could lead to unwanted disturbances. Leave the treats at home, and bring toys for games instead.

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