3 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drains to Prevent Clogs

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Most clogs begin innocently enough. For example, while washing your dishes, you might allow a plateful of uneaten pasta to go down the drain. Or perhaps you spill a box of instant potatoes on the floor. So you scoop up the mess and deposit it in the sink, then use a quick spritz of water to wash it all away. A few hours later, you suddenly notice that the water is not draining well and is instead gurgling back into the sink ominously. If such a scenario has happened to you, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Many people don't realize that the following three items can create major issues when washed down your pipes. 

Instant Mashed Potatoes

They may look innocuous enough, but those tiny dehydrated potato flakes were meant to do one thing when mixed with water — and that is to blossom into a thick, gooey pile. That's fine if they're on a plate, but send those flakes down a drain with just enough water to hydrate them, and they will form a thick cement-like clog. 

Grease and Oil

Warm grease easily washes off of your dishes and pans and flows down your drain. But if you don't use enough water to push the grease through your pipes, it will eventually settle and harden. Over time, the grease will accumulate and also trap other waste, which will eventually create an impenetrable ball of goo. 

Rice and Pasta

It may be hard to imagine that tiny grains of rice and skinny pasta can wreak absolute havoc on your pipes, but they absolutely can. These starchy products continue to expand when wet and, thus, can form a huge roadblock in your pipes. 

To prevent clogs, it's always best to throw your food waste into your trash rather than down your drain. Of course, that means you'll have more trash to deal with than before. Our apartment community understands that this can be a pain, so we offer a valet trash removal service to make your life a little easier. In addition, our apartments in Charlotte also offers other highly desirable amenities, including a pool and a fitness center. 

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